Hair Restoration

Understanding Hair Loss

Hair loss is a multifaceted concern that can arise from several contributing factors such as genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalances, stress, or underlying health conditions. It's a common issue that can significantly impact an individual's self-image and emotional well-being. At JAG Medical Spa, we recognize the emotional sensitivity related to hair loss and provide tailored, compassionate solutions to assist individuals in regaining their confidence and a full head of natural-looking hair. Our comprehensive approach aims to address the root cause of hair loss while offering supportive and empathetic care to help individuals navigate this challenging experience and find suitable solutions. Understanding the complex nature of hair loss, we offer personalized treatments designed to restore and enhance hair volume, helping individuals feel more comfortable and confident in their appearance.

What is Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration, a significant development in the realm of body treatments, is a groundbreaking non-surgical solution for individuals grappling with hair thinning or hair loss. This innovative treatment harnesses the body's natural growth factors to stimulate hair regrowth, making it a minimally invasive and safe alternative to traditional surgical procedures. Hair loss can often take a toll on one's self-confidence and self-esteem, but at JAG Medical Spa, we focus on providing you with an effective and compassionate solution.

The process involves a careful assessment of the individual's unique hair loss concerns, followed by the application of specialized techniques to initiate the regrowth of hair. By leveraging the body's inherent ability to heal and rejuvenate, hair restoration addresses the root causes of hair loss. This approach not only promotes natural hair growth but also significantly reduces discomfort and downtime compared to surgical options. With hair restoration, you can look forward to regaining fuller, healthier hair, ultimately revitalizing your appearance and boosting your confidence.

Why Our Clients Love It

Our clients at JAG Medical Spa rave about the outstanding results and numerous benefits of our hair restoration treatments:

  • Remarkable Results: Many clients see a significant improvement in hair growth and volume within a few months of treatment. This enhanced hair density and thickness can make a profound difference in their lives.
  • Comfort and Convenience: hair restoration is a comfortable procedure that can be completed during a single office visit. Clients appreciate that it doesn't require a lengthy recovery period, allowing them to return to their daily routines with minimal disruption.
  • Natural Growth Factors: We use your body's natural growth factors to stimulate hair regrowth. This approach ensures that the results are authentic and tailored to your unique hair needs.
  • Reclaim Confidence: Thinning hair can erode one's self-confidence. Our clients seek hair restoration to regain their self-assurance and look and feel their best.
  • Natural-Looking Results: Unlike traditional hair transplants, hair restoration delivers results that appear completely natural. Our clients appreciate the subtlety and authenticity of their regrown hair.
  • Non-Surgical Approach: Many individuals prefer non-surgical treatments over invasive procedures. Hair restoration offers a minimally invasive option, which means minimal downtime and less discomfort.

Treatment Options for Hair Loss

Let's address your hair loss together - there are a variety of hair restoration treatments and services available at JAG Medical Spa, including:

  • PRP Hair Restoration: Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy harnesses the natural healing power of your blood to stimulate hair follicles, promoting hair growth and thickness. This non-invasive procedure uses your body’s own resources to revitalize your hair, offering a safe and effective solution.
  • Topical Treatments: Our medical-grade topical treatments, containing clinically proven ingredients, are designed to promote hair growth and improve the overall health of your scalp. These treatments are tailored to your specific needs and can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.

Before & After

hair restoration before hair restoration after
hair restoration before hair restoration after
hair restoration before hair restoration after

What to Expect with Hair Restoration

The hair restoration process involves several stages, each contributing to the goal of regaining fuller, healthier hair. Here's a breakdown of what to expect during and after a hair restoration treatment:

Initial Consultation:

  • An initial consultation is conducted to assess the individual's unique hair loss concerns and determine their candidacy for the treatment.
  • During this consultation, the healthcare provider discusses the patient's goals and creates a customized treatment plan to address their specific needs.

During Hair Restoration Treatment:

  • Treatment begins with the application of specialized techniques that stimulate hair regrowth by leveraging the body's natural growth factors.
  • The procedure is minimally invasive, and patients may experience minimal discomfort. Numbing agents are often used to enhance comfort during the process.
  • The treatment focuses on addressing the underlying causes of hair loss, promoting natural hair regrowth while reducing downtime and discomfort associated with surgical options.

After Hair Restoration Treatment:

  • In the days following the treatment, patients may experience some redness or mild discomfort, which is typically temporary and subsides within a short period.
  • Over the ensuing weeks and months, hair regrowth is initiated. The newly regrown hair appears natural and blends seamlessly with existing hair.
  • Multiple sessions may be required to achieve optimal results, with each session spaced a few weeks apart.
  • Patients can expect to see gradual, long-lasting improvements in hair volume and overall appearance, leading to increased confidence and a revitalized self-image.

What Results Will I See?

The treatments offered at JAG Medical Spa present an array of solutions for individuals experiencing hair loss. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, a non-invasive technique, utilizes the body's natural ability to encourage hair follicle growth and improve hair density. It stimulates follicles, potentially aiding in new hair growth and thicker hair. 

While these treatments offer promising results, it's crucial to note that the effectiveness of each treatment varies for each individual. The treatments aim to revitalize hair growth, improve hair density, and restore a more natural appearance. However, the outcome might vary based on the extent of hair loss, individual health factors, and the response of hair follicles to the treatments. While these therapies are successful in stimulating hair growth and providing cosmetic improvements, they may not completely regrow all lost hair, especially in severe cases of hair loss. The success and permanence of the results may be influenced by individual differences and the underlying cause of hair loss, as well as adherence to the recommended treatment plan.

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Cautions & Indications

When considering hair restoration treatments, it's vital to understand both the cautions and indications to ensure that this innovative solution aligns with your individual needs and goals.


  1. Consultation: A consultation with a qualified healthcare provider is the first step in determining if you are a suitable candidate for hair restoration. It is crucial to communicate your medical history and any allergies or prior negative reactions to treatments to minimize potential risks.
  2. Underlying Health Conditions: Individuals with certain underlying health conditions may not be ideal candidates for hair restoration. It is essential to disclose any medical concerns during the consultation to ensure the treatment is safe and appropriate for your specific circumstances.
  3. Temporary Side Effects: While hair restoration is minimally invasive, patients may experience temporary side effects, such as redness or mild discomfort at the treatment site. These effects typically resolve on their own and are part of the natural healing process.
  4. Treatment Plan: Hair restoration often requires multiple sessions to achieve optimal results. It's important to commit to the recommended treatment plan and follow-up appointments for the best outcome.


  1. Hair Thinning or Loss: Hair restoration is primarily indicated for individuals experiencing hair thinning or loss. It is a valuable solution for those looking to regain fuller, healthier hair and improve their overall appearance.
  2. Customized Approach: The treatment plan is highly personalized to address individual concerns and goals. Whether you have concerns about hair thinning in specific areas or want to enhance your overall hair volume, hair restoration can be tailored to meet your unique objectives.
  3. Long-Lasting Results: Hair restoration provides enduring results. The newly regrown hair blends seamlessly with existing hair and looks natural, offering patients a revitalized self-image and heightened confidence.

How Much Does it Cost?

The average cost of hair restoration treatment is between $150-$300 and can vary significantly depending on the method used, the extent of hair loss, and the individual's unique needs. During a consultation, a hair restoration specialist will assess the level of hair loss, discuss treatment options, and provide a customized treatment plan along with a cost estimate, considering the chosen method and the scope of treatment needed to achieve the desired results.